Order a new Johnson TORQUE LIMITER today! When used with pneumatic or or socket wrenches (excluding impact wrenches) they limit running torque to help prevent crushing the gaskets. Johnson's Torque Limiters are available in both 3/8" and 1/2" drives. Each one is pre-set at either 15 foot pounds for use with regular 1/16" gasket tape or 20 foot-pounds for double thick, 1/8" gasket tape. Be sure to specify part numbers when ordering.

Please make sure to read our INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS that cover most Johnson Gasket Tape applications.

Read Johnson's Torque Limiter RESETTING INSTRUCTIONS for applications other than Johnson Gasket Tapes.

283-01 3/8" 15 Ft Lbs
283-02 3/8" 20 Ft Lbs
283-11 1/2" 15 Ft Lbs
283-12 1/2" 20 Ft Lbs