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Cleans, Phosphatizes Metals Economically

Johnson's Metal Cleaner is a concentrated, phosphoric acid based metal cleaner that is very effective for cleaning and phosphatizing steels prior to painting, plating or powder coating. Removes light oils, mill slag and rust. Standard dilution for steel is 2:1, however it may be diluted even more for effective cleaning of aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steels.

1 gallon 35-08
4 x 1 gallons35-09



Economical, Caustic for Cleaning Radiators

Johnson's Super-X Boilout Compound is dependable, fast acting and economical. Easier to handle, non-dusting, odorless pellets that dissolve fast. May be used with chemicals to soften water, aid in rinsing, strip paints and remove soils.

Super-X has been used successfully in all types of water across the U.S. Typical use is 1/2 to 3/4 lb. per gallon of water depending on the hardness of your water and the type and amount of dirt on your work.

50 pounds     33-12



Cleans Aluminum Radiators Safely

Aluma-Clean works safely, at room temperature to remove dirt, oil and road grime from radiator fins, without dissolving the top layer of metal away.

1 gallon 41-11
4 x 1 gallons 41-12


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