Optional Hose Available for Testing CAC's on the Rig


Testing Charge Air Coolers and other large heat exchangers can be both time consuming and risky if you don't have Johnson's Charge Air Cooler Test Set. Our new set includes: Extra-heavy-duty test plugs with cast handles (adaptable to fit six different sizes, with 2-1/2" up to 4" rubbers), a unique tester that features an air stem, 2-1/2" gauge, and a 35 PSI pressure relief valve plus A pair of safety clamps for operator protection during testing. All this equipment is packed in a rugged, plastic dry box. This CAC Test Set is a must for every professional radiator shop.
  351-CAS 16 Pc. Set Includes:
1 351-09C 2-1/2" Closed Test Plug
1 352-09C 2-1/2" Open Stem Test Plug
1 351-12C 3-1/4" Closed Test Plug
1 352-12C 3-1/4" Open Stem Test Plug
2 351-10R 2-3/4" Rubbers Only
2 351-11R 3" Rubbers Only
2 351-13R 3-1/2" Rubbers Only
2 351-14R 4" Rubbers Only
1 351-29 CAC 35 PSI Tester With Gauge
2 356-51 CAC Safety Plug Clamps
1 351-30 Rugged Plastic Case
* 351-34 *Optional 6 Ft. Hose W/Q.D. Fitting

Replacement parts, Rubbers available.

A recent article, TESTING YOUR COOL, MAINTAINING CHARGE AIR COOLERS, written by F. Larry LePrevost for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) ACTION Magazine, July/August 2003 publication.

Read our INSTRUCTIONS FOR TESTING CAC's using Johnson's Charge Air Cooler Test Set