Bio-Bake was developed by Johnson Chemists to meet today's need for a production soldering flux that is safer for operators to use and safer for our increasingly fragile environment.

      Bio-Bake is a non-toxic, biodegradable solution that may be diluted with water for many production applications.  It contains no toxic chemicals as supplied and is therefore safer for workers who come in contact with flux on a repeated basis. This flux does not contain bromides or other inorganic metal salts which can lead to corrosion of the finished product.

      Johnson's Bio-Bake is a neutral pH soldering flux, both as supplied and when diluted with clean water. Most other production soldering fluxes are highly acidic even when diluted for use.  Their free acid reacts with metals through ion exchange to produce metallic salts which build up in the flux tank, eventually reaching the point at which they begin to inhibit the soldering process. When other spent fluxes need to be changed, they must either be treated before disposal, or must be sent to an approved hazardous waste site, via an approved hazardous waster hauler.

      Because Johnson's Bio-Bake has a neutral pH, it does not react with the base metals that come into brief contact with it. Therefore Bio-Bake flux tanks that are properly filtered and maintained may last many times linger that other fluxes that contain free hydrobromic or hydrochloric acids. Johnson's Bio-Bake reduces the need to change flux tanks, thereby cutting the costs and liabilities associated with handling hazardous wastes.

      Johnson's Bio-Bake is an organic salt solution that decomposes during the soldering process. Other organic soldering fluxes remain active until they reach the 500-550°F temperature range. Bio-Bake contains non-toxic chemicals that can remain active up to 700°F. Many production operations can benefit greatly from this higher active temperature range, ie, oven baking and header dipping operations where several minutes of heat are required to bring the entire mass up to uniform temperature. This permits the use of pre-heat to minimize spattering of soldering in dipping operations. Immediately after soldering occurs, Bio-Bake vaporizes leaving the surface nearly free of corrosive residues. Any residues that do remain may be removed without creating another hazardous waste.

      Johnson's Bio-Bake is concentrated as supplied so that it can be diluted with water for a variety of soldering applications.  The following dilutions are suggested as a starting point: Radiator Core Baking - 3:1 to 4:1, Radiator Header Dipping - 2:1 to 3:1, Face dipping - 3:1 to 4:1 and /or for Torch soldering of new materials 1:1 to 2:1. Further dilutions may be possible depending on the product, soldering alloy and type of heat used.

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5 Gallon 45-64 57#
15 Gallon 45-65 147#