Johnson's B-118 is a highly concentrated organic flux that has many uses including high speed strip tinning of copper and brass, as well as manufacturing heat exchangers. B-118 is also especially good for face dip soldering heater cores because its aggressive nature pulls even high lead solders deep into capillary joints, yet leaves no corrosive residues in the water channels. Johnson's B-118 is the best organic torch soldering flux we know of; withstands heating to approx. 575°F using open flame.

      Johnson's B-118 has been specially formulated to stop the problem of green corrosion associated with zinc chloride fluxes. When properly applied, then heated to full soldering temperature, this flux solders and then volatilizes into the atmosphere, leaving the work piece essentially free of corrosive residues. Products such as heater cores may then be placed in storage without internal corrosion.

      Apply with brush, swab or dip method. For hand soldering use either as packaged or diluted with equal parts clean water. For face dipping heater cores dilute up to 4:1. May be diluted up to 10:1 for some applications.

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Gallon 17-03 17-04 4 43#
15 Gallon 17-15     160#